12 February 2018

Google Summer of Code

We are happy to announce that Google selected Polly Labs as one of the mentoring organizations for Summer of Code 2018. Our page at Google as participating organization is here. Like 2017 we will assist students to enter open source development for polyhedral optimization and compilation.

If you are currently enrolled at a university or college and you are interested in contributing in the field of polyhedral compilation, we invite you to apply with a project proposal at Google. The first step is to contact us on one of our projects’ mailing list. See the 2018 ideas and information page for more detailed instructions and ideas for projects. Hints for writing a good proposal are found on our How-to-apply page.

Also see the post for GSoC 2017.

[GSoC Logo source: https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/resources/media]