05 May 2016

pet 0.09 was released containing various changes:

  • Push affine conditions into index expressions

    If the code contains an expression of the form

    c ? A[f] : A[g]

    with c an affine condition, then replace it by

    A[c ? f : g]

    This reduces the number of accesses and, more importantly, includes the information of when the access is performed in the index expression. This allows dependence analysis to take into account this information, reducing the risk of introducing spurious dependences.

  • Properly support undeclared loop iterators

    When the loop iterator of a for loop is not declared inside the for loop itself, the value of this loop iterator persists after the execution of the loop and could in principle be used by subsequent statements. Introduce assignments to the corresponding variable that ensure the variable contains the correct value after the execution of the loop.