15 January 2016

isl 0.16 was released containing various improvements:

  • Add 32 bit integer optimization for IMath

    Until isl 0.15 the IMath backend, which serves as MIT licensed alternative to the default libgmp backend, was not very well optimized and its result could result in isl being 2-4x slower. Michael Kruse contributed a new small-integer-optimization to isl which improved the performance of the IMath backend to be now around 30% faster than libgmp.

  • Improved AST generation quality

    Various smaller changes result in generally improved AST generation quality.

  • Add isl_union_flow_get_full_may_dependence and isl_union_flow_get_full_must_dependence

    These functions include the accessed data elements that are responsible for the dependence in their results.

  • Improvements to Python bindings

    The isl provided python bindings have been extended to support the full set of polyhedral compilation examples that is discussed in our new Presburger Formulas and Polyhedral Compilation tutorial.

  • Improved printing of isl sets and maps

    Until isl 0.15 the constraints in an isl set and map have been printed in the (rather random) order they have been added to the data structure. isl now makes an effort to print constraints in a human readable way. This results in both shorter constraints, but also more predictable output in case implementation details change.


    { S[i0, i1] : i0 <= 97 and i0 >= 0 and i1 <= 99 and i1 >= 1 }


    { S[i0, i1] : 0 <= i0 <= 97 and 0 < i1 <= 99 }

Together with isl, we also released PPCG 0.05, pet 0.08, and barvinok 0.39.

isl 0.16.1 bug fix release

isl 0.16.1 was released fixing a minor bug that was found right after the release.